Radiation detection, Arduino and IoT (2)

The detection of radiation gives the need to measure it. Radiation detection yields pulses that are counted during a certain time (by minute, by hour, etc…). The amount found is converted in uSv/h (micro Sievert per hour).

Because I didn’t want to use a full Arduino, only to have counted the pulses sent by radiation detector, I actually use an Atmel ATtiny 45V controller that is doing very well in the role of Arduino. The main tasks of ATtiny so is to count the pulses sent by radiation detector during 10 seconds time period and send the value, by serial port, to the Big Brother (no, no, not That Big Brother!!!). This is my server that collects data around the house, keeps an eye on some places, listens and speaks over the Internet and so on… For this particular purpose there runs a script, written in php, that does the rest of the chores: calculates the radiation dose (represented in uSv/h from the value of  CPM – counts per minute – sent by ATtiny), saves the data locally on a file – together with the time-stamp -, sends it to the Cloud (Internet-of-Things platforms) where is visible (until now) on Exosite and Thingspeak.

To convince an ATtiny to play Arduino is possible as it is described in the arduino-tiny project, on Google-code.

Here are the schematics (ATtiny45 controller, RS232 adapter, Inter-connection cable).

The Arduino code for this job is here.

[To be continued]


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