Descriptio Bloggorum (1)

Motto: “Pour les connaisseurs”

I just receive the visit of a fellow blogger (A Opinionated Man) – a visit on my blog, of course – and I took a tour of his site; I admire his easiness of writing down his mind and the painful effort of mine struggling for few lines.  Thank you OM!

Let me explain.

Long ago, before I came in Canada, I was working for a company, in my East European country, that sent me, for a travel business, in UK. Wasn’t the first travel abroad but was first in the country that invented the ubiquitous language that prevail everywhere. I wasn’t afraid to speak English with somebody else if those native language wasn’t English. Both of us were facing the same difficulties on communicating. I go back a little further: during High School I was taught the British English, at the beginning, and, changing the prof, continuing with American English: because of that, I knew the difference between the two English cousins.

I really was afraid to speak English in UK.

The test I made had scared me even more. At TV, the journal was for local news (Birmingham) and central news (London). The news from London I was able to understand for eighty percent but for local only twenty percent.

Now I come back from my explanation.

(Because I already recalled the High School moments: one of my pals back then was one of the best at English, when he was asked why he had chose this-or-that in English his answer was “I don’t know, is my feeling that is the correct answer” and, indeed, was the best answer. He hadn’t pay attention to grammatical rules.)

I would like to write in English, this is not my first language and nor the second: it is the third. I spend long minutes to figure out whether the meaning of what I write is the intended one.

I am afraid to write in English but, anyway, I do it.


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