Weird Technical Support

Yesterday morning, 1 August 2014, I got a call from a guy pretending being from “Microsoft Technical Desk”.

He knew my name (almost obvious because, out there, my phone and name are public) and knew that my computer has some problems (any computer has problems). Let be supposed that your computer is perfect (in an perfect world, of course), this guy is able to proof that is not.

Now, I know myself how this is possible and that helps me to remember that Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and Perfect Computer are early childhood fantastic characters. Some of us continue  to have strong beliefs concerning the last one.

This guy, that called me, knew very well.

He had a very strong accent. More on this, later.

I asked him three times where is from and he continued with the story of Microsoft. I insisted where on the face of the Earth is located and, after a very short pause (unexpected question?) he answered New York (maybe the only American  City that he knows).

Almost I believed him but I remembered that the fair big Companies (Microsoft is one of them, isn’t it?) pay some attention to the quality of Customer Service and, when you are in the middle of the dialog (over the phone) you have to hear only the person at the other end of the wire and not all twenty of them (or maybe more).

I continued to follow my curiosity to figure out how he is interested on my computer.

(This story will be continued)


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