What to do with a broken tablet

I was given a “no name” (Chinese) 10″ #Android tablet to figure out how to recuperate some pictures trapped inside and, if I wish, to keep it or to throw it. The kid of the owner drop it and the screen was broken, so no more usable. That I sought.

The micro SD being removed, by the owner, I guessed the pictures weren’t there.

What can I do to solve the puzzle?

First step: the only mean to send out an image was the HDMI port, so I bought a “mini-HDMI to normal-HDMI” cable from eBay and wait three weeks for it. With this cable, I was able to see that the tablet was still usable, in the sense of the initial demand. The touchscreen was still there and functional, only the LCD screen was broken.

I had some pain to figure out how to manage the touch screen, looking at the TV, where I connected the tablet with the HDMI cable.

With some more pain, I installed a free app to transfer the pictures over WiFi to my computer.

The job was done!

Now, what to do with a broken tablet?

The second step: the difficulty of managing the tablet through the touch screen, looking at TV, was too frustrating, so I wait for another three weeks to get a Bluetooth mini keyboard (the same dimensions as an iPhone) from eBay, of course.

The third step: reset the tablet to the factory settings and hooked it to my Google account.

The fourth and final step, for now: to install some free app (IP Webcam) and transform the tablet into a web-server with a webcam.

If you want to see it at work: here. But hurry, because I intend to put it to do some other things and it will not be anymore hooked to the Internet.


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