A new way to strengthen bacteria

LifeHacker and Wired are two of my preferred sources not only for news but also for subjects to write here about.

I just read, on Wired, about somebody’s concern on using the hand sanitizers and antibacterial soap: these might actually strengthen bacteria (based on the principle “if don’t kill you then strengthen you” – bacteria, of course – but still useful for humans).

With this, I just remember one of the funny questions that my daughter asked me a long while ago: how can we (her parents) had manage to figure out, find answers, study (whatever, name it) without Internet?

Indeed, how come?…

For each of us, the History begins with our birth. What was before that moment belongs to other era.

The answer to this question come along with some other answers for very similar questions. One of them: how humans are still here, passing through so ugly history, with no modern medicine or modern drugs to care for them, to cure them.

[Pour Les Connaisseurs…]

The answer is Evolution and Adaptation.

During the lengthy history, the humans took the time to figure out what might be happening out there. If it was happening and somebody was dead because of this or that is still a lesson to be learn today. That’s the price of Evolution. Of course, if the today humans have the time, the wisdom, the understanding, to learn through their own experience and not by Internet’s experience (as we do our self, right now! he he he!)

I held on my desk a bottle with hand sanitizer, for a long time, and eventually I threw it in garbage when expired. I was using, long ago, to wash my hands with alcohol, almost pure (98%), but never I felt clean, only when I used soap and water. That’s all. I still wash my hands for about ten times a day with no apparent reason, only to feel them clean. Add to these numbers the few others before and after to eat and after the toilet, of course.

There is no substitute to water and soap. That is the one of the answers.



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