Mindfuldigression of Life is a mystery

As I confessed before, I am an Internet wanderer but this is one of the meanings of the Web: to pass from one place to other using the hyperlinks as wormholes. It is like time traveling (and, also, time-wasting: but not now).

There are a few bloggers that I follow, nurturing the secret hope that their style and language can show me more than a momentary delight, and one of them is Doobster418 (and his blog: Mindfuldigression).

A couple of days ago I was reading his last post when the title of another post caught my eye: Life is a mystery. This was a re-blog, as there is mentioned, from blog-blogger-bloggest.

With this comes the beauty of the Net: I became one of the followers of this Blog-Blogger-Bloggest blog ;-).

To give one more example of wandering the Web: on this new blog I found quite a few very interesting posts, not only for me. One of them is about increasing your blog’s audience and, now, I finally reach the purpose of writing this post.

The audience of the blog depends on the quality of the subject and not necessary of the length of your FB friends list. As Steve says you have to have patience and some meaningful to write about. In his post, Life is a mystery, in a quite few words, he says a lot about living the life as you have it and the struggle of every single day. With this struggle come the lessons that help us to strive, when we are able to learn and not to be frustrated at.


I hope to be able to continue this post, soon.

This post begun as a comment on If you’d just act like I think you should act, God, I’d believe in you and ended as a comment on what you just read. (… wandering the Net and the thoughts)


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