Looking for answers

It is OK to be clever and thoughtful, once in a while, but it is hard to be soday by day, and mainly in write. I do my best in this direction, but very often I hit the fence.

So, sometimes, I have to look up and smile at our best friend Google.

I was on my way trying to put together a commentary for an experiment (found here) when I remember that I saw somewhere a very colorful and surprisingly quotes concerning, somehow, the subject, but where? So I asked for help our mighty friend, from above (in text, not much above). The third result, of the search, sent me to this amazing blog.

I am hesitating because of my English. It is neither the first nor the second language of mine. I am pretty sure that this is already obvious. I don’t have the easiness to put in the right place the right word or the right expression. Because are more meanings behind each word.

The aforementioned blog proves me wrong. Out there, in the wild, are quite a few mistakers against English.

What is the most appropriate language for a post? Those you think with for that specific post. For me are three languages and I use of each one by diving into the context. It is not a surprise that “my style” depends on my primary (maternal) language. There are expressions which match better in one language than another, but it is very difficult to translate (and adapt) between them.

I use a lot Google translate and Grammarly.

Let me introduce you this my new wordmistaker“: someone who makes mistakes (sinner – if you want). Neither Google-translate nor Grammarly wants it 😉

I would be very grateful for all of you who can take the time to comment on my English.



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