People Judge Your Personality Based On These 7 Small Things

People are quick to evaluate what you are and what you are not. Impressions matter and this is how people judge your personality the first time you meet.

Source: People Judge Your Personality Based On These 7 Small Things

I have some comments to add to this material.

Please see the source; the comments are under each of original titles.

Our skills to judge, in a glimpse, the person who just bypassed, who is introduced to us or who comes to us as a candidate looking for our votes, belong to feeling side rather than to logical side of our self. During the steep and very long path from the dark deeps of the beginnings until today, the Evolution endowed us with the necessary tools to keep us far enough from the danger. So, the feeling side is much closer to the instincts, which keep us alive, than the logical side, which takes to much time to yield a life-saving result.

1. Your handwriting

Years ago I used to “entertain” my acquaintances with the graphological analysis of their handwriting. At the first sight, this seems to be something like divination, a kind of pseudo-science. It is based on observations and patterning: some traits of handwriting seem to be more often viewed for a certain type of personalities.

The link between the hands activity and the cortex stood at the core of the studies about the human evolution because the complexity of hand movements is directly reflected in the flexibility and versatility of human cortex. Among the complex movements of hands are the handwriting, the play of a musical instrument, the use of tools and so on.

In our technologized word the analysis of handwriting is no more a feature that gives a path to understanding the behavior and personality of someone because the handwriting is replaced with (hand)texting.

The fluidity and the harmony of the handwriting (that means each word is written with a continuous movement for the whole length, with all the words separated with clear white spaces) show up a very high level of intellectual activity where the flow of thoughts is faster than the flow of the words that come from the tip of the pen. In our days, a Ph.D. person might have a very handicapped form of handwriting and, from here, the interpretation of his/her personality would be awfully wrong.

A grinning note comes here: the handwriting is performed with an instrument as a pen or alike. This NOT apply for the writing made by hands on the tiny keyboards of the gadgets.

2. Your color [preference, not skin!]

Once, I had to take the Lüscher color test. Meanwhile, I learned it is no more used as before but still gives some (amazingly) good precision; there are some other tests which show better what is behind our forehead.

Back then, I was completely thrilled by the accuracy of this test. During my teen years, I was looking for some meanings of my existence. The hard work for school gave me enough good impression about myself but, anyway, I was looking for some crystal ball capable of telling me more about who I am and what can I expect from my type of personality.

Nothing was able to give me the long searched for the answer. Until then, when the Lüscher test gave me all the details in a concise and clear language.

Indeed, the preference of colors tells a lot about us and must not be a disputed territory (as the Latin adagio says: De gustibus et coloribus non est disputandum – google for it!).



3. Biting your nails


4. Your shoes


5. Your eyes


6. Your punctuality


7. Your handshake