[Words, only words]

Disdain, vexations, cast aside, harried, epiphany, squandered, tailgated, mitigate, knuckleheads, larking, stalemate, coevals, tell-tale, deleterious, presbycusis…

Let’s make one sentence with all these words!

Forget it… Just kidding.

All these are words that are flying around and I am not able to figure out, right away, the meaning for them. I have to dig into “googlictionary” [nice made up word, doesn’t it?] to patch the holes. But I would like to put them in my lines. Oh, uhh… I just did it, for all of them!

I am an awful lazy person and I enjoy the fact that I am not alone being so. However, I impose myself on writing, at least, one little hundred words each day. Is it a little or not?

I have a bad habit to start following an idea but with the irrepressible desire to have everything very clear and, par consequence, I look to describe every single concept and so I find myself on a cluttered path to nowhere. It is as describing, by words, the way out of Labyrinth to someone who knows nothing either about English or about Labyrinth or even is deaf. It is so frustrating…

I hope you got the idea or you need more explanations?

Each time – right now it happens again – when, so seldom, I am in the mood to write, once I start suddenly appear, from nowhere, a lot of ideas which link some other ideas and all this bunch of ideas asks for a way out from my head at once. It happens much faster that my search for words in English – which is not my main language in the day-by-day life. And happens also when I am on my way to/from work or [!!!] at work.

Right now I am in the cafeteria, enjoying, more or less, my lunch, reading a Pocket saved article (The Useless Agony of Going Offline) and eavesdropping to what people around me are chatting. The above brief collection of words represents some of those, either from the text I am reading or from the people who are talking next to me or just they are flying around (the words, not the people).
The language, other than the mother tongue, is a mask. We hope to be in hiding behind it. Because we don’t completely absorb the sense of the words we find ourself in the position to put “en place” our own sense.

Here comes the meaning to belong to a culture and the paraphrase of “my country is my language” which describes it. Wherever the country is.

By the way, do you know what “Stockholm Syndrom” is?


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