The isolation of illness — Never tell me the odds — Medium

I can’t tell if people have forgotten me or if I’ve pushed them away

Source: The isolation of illness — Never tell me the odds — Medium

[I just read it. Still shaking.]


The exercise of gratitude

A little while ago I put an article in my Pocket. It was about happiness and gratitude.

If I wasn’t already caught by this slippery subject, of “pursuing happiness”, maybe I never was looking at this post. Maybe is too much to be said but “I am not looking for happiness, I am looking at happiness”.

As I can figure out, the happiness is not the goal but a by-product of life. It is neither the travel nor the destination of the whole life, but we might “stumble upon“, someday, somewhere, along the path.

We still can improve our condition by the mean of gratitude: here comes the essence of the above-mentioned post.

The Happiness is a state of Mind.


Coma Patients In Vegetative State May Have Damaged Fiber Connections In Brain, Making Them Aware But Unable To Respond

Structural damage between the thalamus and primary motor cortex is the obstacle preventing intentional movement in coma patients who are unable to respond.

Source: Coma Patients In Vegetative State May Have Damaged Fiber Connections In Brain, Making Them Aware But Unable To Respond

This definitely is a good news, but what to tell those who are feeling guilty for taking out from life support some of loved ones, because of lacking of reaction?

Is The Malaria Parasite The Cancer Cure We’ve Been Looking For? Accidental Discovery Displays Remarkable Results

Malaria distribution map. Most countries with ...

Malaria distribution map. Most countries with a high distribution of malaria also have a high distribution of parasitic worm infections. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Danish scientists may have accidentally found an effective cancer treatment in a protein found in the malaria parasite.

Source: Is The Malaria Parasite The Cancer Cure We’ve Been Looking For? Accidental Discovery Displays Remarkable Results

The Price We Pay for Sitting Too Much – WSJ

Medical experts are devising formulas for how long a typical office worker should spend sitting and standing to counter the negative health effects of being sedentary.

Source: The Price We Pay for Sitting Too Much – WSJ

We can deal by ourselves with these kinds of issues but, sometimes, we really enjoy taking a look at what the others are doing about it.



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The necessary violence

I spent some time to choose the right terms so the “necessary violence” is not a nonsense. I still have to figure out if that’s the case.

Here I can only speak about the fact that pushed me onto this subject.

I was visiting an aunt of mine and there was also another aunt with her daughter, my cousin N, that was, at the time, sixteen or so. I was twenty.

Both my aunts were out and my cousin and me, we were at home trying to kill each our own time. The condo of my aunt was at the ninth floor and, sometimes, was worth to stare at the landscape. Or that I was thinking she was doing. I was not so wrong. She was riding the balustrade of the balcony with one leg hanging in the void and with the other on the inside of balcony not touching the floor. She had lived all her life at the countryside, climbing trees and riding horses, but now she had put herself in a danger never seen before, humming something and paying no attention to the height. She was staring at some different landscape, indeed.

Never, until then, I had felt the terror on an imminent danger. With the sweetest and neutral voice, I called her inside to ask her something. After I have her getting inside and locked the door to the balcony, I beat her up, shouting out on the stupidity of what she was doing.

When her mom return was the second, and the bitter, slice of the “cake”.

Since then, when we meet each other she still recalls, with a smile and little embarrassment, about that scene.

As we should already know, the memories are stored because of the feelings and not of the reason. Bad and good feelings are longer kept as memories. The mistakes that we make, and the feelings that come along, keep the fresh memories up and push us to continuously improve our experiences.

The learning curve is steeper if the feeling is stronger.

And the fear is a very good teacher.

CoverGirl Ad Becomes a Protest Tool Against NFL’s Roger Goodell

CoverGirl Ad Becomes a Protest Tool Against NFL’s Roger Goodell.

I really like the smart idea behind this ad but something else brings me here.

I would like to tell you a story linked, more or less, to the fact that inflamed the media, almost all of them, during the last few days. To do that I need to begin with:


I am not fan of NFL, or Ravens, or Football.

That means I consider myself “parallel” (as in Euclid‘s parallel postulate) with some of the landscape of this issue. Or, if you prefer, I am an objective individual.

Any resemblance with the facts, individuals, behaviors from real life is an accidental coincidence.

The story depicts a real fact.

A good friend of mine, in his young years as student (I use the word student in the very classic meaning, understood everywhere in the world – except in North America – : Student at University, not at kindergarten and not at High School) when the weekends were composed by only one day, Sunday, he was spending the short Saturday nights with his friends having fun at Disco Clubs (that was the era) and getting drunk. I suppose most of the youngsters had done the same, back then or even today, almost everywhere on the face of the Earth.

My friend was kind of particular case: a handsome young man of 1m88 and 96kg (6’2″ – 210lbs) – nice and mild mannered when sober and a scary brawler who was the first to fight and looking for trouble each time when somebody was giving him the slightest pretext, when he was drunk.

Also he was The Chivalrous fighter, ready to put his fist for a good cause, being sober or not.

He was a very well trained javelin thrower and, because of this, a very successful jab thrower.

OK, enough with the introduction.

One late Saturday night, when was on his way back to home, accompanied by a friend, he saw a very drunk guy that was hitting somebody‘s head against the tram rail. The somebody was a woman, also drunk, that was yelling for help on top of her lungs.

The chivalrous fighter took over my drunken friend and jumped to rescue the lady beating up the guy, shouting at him some moral words about hitting a woman. When the guy was almost KO my friend had the biggest surprise of his Chivalrous life: the lady was clubbing him with a stick snatched from a fence, yelling louder than before “not to kill her man”. Of course he abandoned the fight letting them to take care of each other.

There was, at least, a lesson to be learnt:

If you have to take action, is better to be sober.

There wasn’t any camera to catch the scuffle, no media to look into, only that friend who witnessed everything.

End of the story. That story.