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I just wonder about the questions asked, the (un)knowledge that triggered them and the people behind.

Question: How many volts are in a tube light?

[Here should be my answer! It’s coming!]

I can’t stop myself to paste here this joke (from the series What’s the best Donald Trump joke you have heard?):

Me and a friend were walking through a store and came across toilet paper with Trump’s face on it among a large group of similarly hilarious gag gifts, while the thought of wiping my ass with his face amused me I was still semi-indifferent to the existence of it, until my friend picked it up, looked it over and said

“This is terrible business practice.”

I was kind of taken aback by this assuming that my friend was gonna say something about respecting people in power or something along those lines, but I kept my cool and simply asked

“How so?”

“Why would you sell toilet paper with shit already on it?”

I laughed and didn’t stop until people started giving us looks.